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This time of year brings reflection, new goals and gratitude for many of us. It has been an incredible year for Urbaine Home and we want to say ‘thank you’ to all of the believers, supporters and well wishers who have helped us get here. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people is the best way to ensure success, love and joy in your life. We truly believe that attitude is everything and seek to surround ourselves with only the best. Wherever this holiday season takes you, take a moment to reflect on the year and set a positive intention for the next as we move into 2017. I will be reflecting from the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, while Rain will be cuddling in with her adorable little family for some well deserved R&R. From our families to yours, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad!



Our Thanks…

Here on the eve of Thanksgiving we at Urbaine Home are taking time to pause and reflect on the things we are thankful for. It has been a big year for us, with our departure from Pearson Design Group and the creation of the new Interior Design portion of our business, Urbaine Atelier, we find ourselves facing new challenges, exciting opportunities and endless possibilities.

We also were lucky enough to find two amazing ladies to help us keep the showroom running smoothly. Jade comes to us from Washington where she grew up and went to school for Interior Design. Her keen eye, amazing talent for merchandising and her kind heart are a truly great addition to Urbaine Home. You will find her in the showroom helping customers, assisting with design decisions and brightening everyones day. Courtney is our other new addition and when she isn’t making you smile at her infectious laugh she can be found crunching numbers and getting sh** done for us! Put her to a task, and its done – we love it!

Besides our great crew, we are thankful for this amazing path we have traveled together. Through the birth of two kids, the adoption of pets, the creation of a business, crazy clients, great clients, horrible days, great days, taxes, sunshine, Paris, cold weather, dead mice, spiders, beautiful things, and big dreams we have traveled this path together. Sitting side by side everyday we have remained great friends and partners in business and crime. To find someone to share your troubles, success and aesthetic with is no small task, but that is what we have and achieved here. Maybe it was our names that destiny tied us together with, or maybe it was pure coincidence, but whatever it was, we are thankful!

This year has also reminded us that life is fleeting, and very precious so hug your kids tight, kiss your loves and snuggle your furry friends. Be thankful for everyday you have and live each moment to the fullest. With this in mind we have decided to be closed for Black Friday. Our hope is that you will spend it with your family and friends making memories.

We will be in the showroom Saturday decorating for the holidays if you want to stop by and sit by the fire with us. Whatever you do, make it count!


Skye & Rain

Feeling Moody…

Maybe it’s because Halloween was yesterday, maybe it’s because winter is soon approaching, or maybe it’s just because black is awesome and goes with everything, but here at Urbaine Home we are feeling inspired by all things black today! A little teaser for your day, we have put together a mood board inspired by things in the showroom. All available at Urbaine Home, these black beauties could be just what you need to lift your spirits on this brisk fall day!

Black mood board

Verellen + Urbaine Home

“Luxury Craft. It’s the heart and soul of everything we do. Like all classic American things – fast cars, baseball games, the blues, jazz, rock and roll – Verellen furniture was born from a spark of innovation with a nod to tradition. Subsequently refined and polished with a global point of view. When something is both beautiful and well made, hand crafted and timeless, it’s the best of both worlds. Sustainably sourced and designed to endure. Tradition transformed by innovation.” – Verellen

We have represented Verellen at Urbaine Home since the first day we opened. We found their showroom in High Point, NC several years ago while visiting market. We had finished going through market proper and with some time to kill walked through some shops in the neighboring town of Greensborough. A local shop owner told us about Verellen. We were so intrigued we drove back to High Point and sought out the showroom.


We instantly fell in love with the brand and everything they represent. The showroom is outside of the market on a side street; very discreet, with a European sensibility. The building, an old warehouse has been fitted with wooden shutters and painted white. Architectural plantings line the building creating a soft buffer between street and showroom. A crushed rock drive with an outdoor covered space gives the sense of something wonderful to come when you enter through the door. This year the addition of Verellen branded bicycles for customers wanting to take a quick spin and two custom Vespas lends a playful twist.



Upon enter your eyes slowly adjust to the walnut burning in the fireplace, a subtle smoke in the air lingers through filtered sunlight, mixed with discretely burning candles. For us this was the moment our hearts fluttered and knew we must have this line as part of our collection at Urbaine Home. I truly hadn’t been this excited about an entire collection in quite some time. You know when your heart aches you have discovered something good. The washed Belgian linens, the chunky wools, the lines, the sit of the pieces; everything is so spot on it make recommending and specifying their products a no brainer for any designer. With graded in fabrics and customization options you can find something for every occasion. They cleverly offer a standard depth or an ‘American’ depth which is a few inches shallower. Our love of the line stems from the casual nature. The loungey feel of each piece invites the sitter to pull their feet up and relax. The brand’s slogan “Belgian conception meets American perfection” sums it up quite nicely.



The owner, Tom Verellen, is very hands on. He was in the showroom with his wife and son every day during market, offering drinks, hosting parties and getting to know his clientele, a rare thing in the furniture industry these days. The showroom offers a nice oasis to escape from the chaos of the large market down the street. We found ourselves retuning time after time to sit, examine and enjoy the overall experience the showroom has so successfully created.




The line also offers tables, lamps and bedding to complement their upholstery pieces. A nice addition to complete the Verellen look. The company remains a little mysterious, not showing all of their pieces online, instead saving full access for committed retailers. The dedication and commitment speaks to their integrity and style of business. Someone we feel good doing business with and would never hesitate to recommend to a client. We have several Verellen pieces on the floor with more on the way. Come sit with us, and let’s create something wonderful.


“Because our furniture is handcrafted it has a heart and soul. It possesses a spirit like a living thing and embodies fully the extent of every fiber, stitch, and staple that went into its construction. It breathes with life, transforming over time just as we ourselves do.”  – Verellen


Sentiments of a Showroom Owner

Having a showroom allows certain luxuries to a designer’s life. Skye and I love to collect and the showroom allows us an outlet to scavenge for unique finds and helps fulfill our guilty pleasures of vintage one of a kinds. Before the showroom we would have to pass up one of a kind pieces that we didn’t have a client for. When we loved something and just couldn’t possibly pass it up it would inevitably found its way into our homes as a sort of treasure trove /make shift storage unit of sorts until we found that we just didn’t have an inch of spare room for anything else.

The showroom also affords us the luxury of providing a full scale mock up of our general aesthetic. Having pieces in Bozeman for our clients to sit in, touch, feel and experience as well as select fabrics for upholstery pieces while sitting on them in house gives us much more flexibility. Its so important for us to show how new pieces and antiques compliment each other and play off one another. The juxtaposition accentuates the best features of both old and new.

I’d imagine that my love of antiques started years ago. My parents own a large antique showroom in upstate NY so I guess that my love of vintage pieces started when I would spend summers scouring through all the unique pieces packed into their large warehouse of antiquities. Spending hours in the store shopping started a passion of intrigue with unusual items. It helps that my father also has an affinity for the unique.

Today Skye and I love to go to market and shop the one of a kind stores. To scour through thousands of square footage of vintage pieces is great food for our soul. We try to make it to High Point market at least once a year and we have also started going to Europe for Market. We are now considering it a must do annual trip as it feeds our soul through design and our wanderlust. This year we are hoping to start in Barcelona and end up in Italy. The goal being to find beautiful pieces that we can infuse into our Interiors and of course the bring back to the store.

Both markets offer beautiful new lines from our favorite UH vendors as well as an array of one of vintage finds. Sorting through them to select just the right pieces for our market is always a challenge as there are so many that we fall in love with. Meanwhile our exclusive UH vendors make it so easy to fall in love as their new collections are always so inspiring. We are so excited to see everything from Verellen, Cisco Brothers, Schwung… well there are just too many to list… but I’m excited just thinking about what we could find for the showroom. When in Europe we are always looking for new lines that inspire us. Last year we found beautiful lighting line that boasts smokey glass and iron lamps that suite our modern rustic homes so well. Lines that have that european color palette the subtle luxury that they are so well know for. How refreshing it is to find lines that we have not yet seen before. We love the idea of bringing back inspiration to the shop for all the designers in the Rocky Mountain region to experience. This is perhaps one of my favorite aspects of our job the hunt for beautiful things to share with clients and designers.

Being an interior designer I find that we are constantly seeking new and unusual things as we never want our design or our minds to become stagnant or complacent. While we use many of our favorite Designer showrooms and love all the amazingly beautiful products that they offer as that ever needed staple I find that there isn’t anything better than stumbling across the most perfectly worn lounge chair and ottoman or a table with the perfect amount of “patina of life”. I love all the tales of life that a vintage piece can tell. Life is meant to be lived and items of beauty should be used regularly rather than set upon a shelf for mere admiration. Worn stone, leather, and wood all have the most subtle hand, patina and character. Something to definitely get excited about.

While we are looking forward to our market trip and seeing all of our vendors and their new additions to their lines we are equally as excited to see what treasures we can find to bring back to Bozeman with us and to share with all of our clients who frequent the shop. Of course each and every piece will be added to the web site so that even our followers from afar can check out our finds as well. I’m sure if we find something great we will be certain to share images on our instagram feed as I’ve never been great at containing my excitement.

Please keep an eye out for some of the treasures we hope to share with you all… who knows what we will find. And for all of you that are doing holiday installs we will be sure to have some great accessories for those last minute additions to the layering that is sure to make every house a home.

Wish us happy hunting!

XOXO, Rain

Schwung exeriorIMG_2872IMG_2865IMG_2648IMG_2655

As a new season is upon us it seems time to reflect and breath in the crisp air. I love Autumn and all the nostalgia that it brings of seasons changing, vibrant colors and textures in nature and although it is the end of summer it always makes me think of new beginnings. For Urbaine Home there are so many new beginnings happening this season. Skye and I have been spending a great deal of time at the showroom over the last 3 weeks starting our interior design firm, overseeing the day to day of the furniture showroom and it is such a breath of fresh air in Montana this time of year. Being able to be passionate about things we truly believe in is something so good for our soul. As one can imagine we are passionate about design and a lifestyle that promotes beautiful design. To be around beautiful things (furniture, lighting, rugs, clothing, jewelry, accessories, art, dishes, bedding and linens) be it in the showroom, in our homes or even in nature seems to energize our lives. The hand of the leather on our Baxter Damasco sofa is so subtle I could pet it all day or the visual texture of our mongolian sheepskins or our feather headdresses, the fringe on our private rugs washed in the sea and dried on the beach and our european cotton terry cloth towels that have the most amazing absorption and awesome black and white graphic of a deer so perfect for our Rocky Mountain Region…I am so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful design and to be able to promote pieces that both Skye and I love. Today I thought that it might be a nice idea to share some of that beauty with people that I think would appreciate it as much as we do. Please enjoy our fall inspiration and if you need to know more you know where to find us.

UH's Current Obsessions | September 2016

Left to right:

Ochre . Arctic Pear Chandelier, Eternal Dreamer Curved Sectional, Crosby Mirror, Moon Pebble Large Coffee table
Ochre . Scorpion Single Head Table Lamp, Moon Side Table with Shell, Divine Recline High Back Sofa-Extra Deep
Ochre . Seed Cloud Chandelier 112 buds
By Nord . Duvets + Pillows
By Nord . European Cotton Terry Cloth Graphic Towels (so great to bunk rooms and guest rooms- and Super absorbent!)
Pulpo . Oda Glass and Iron Lamps
Baxter . Lagos Dining Table in Patagonia Marble, Gemma Chair
Baxter . Damasco Sofa in Kashmere Leather
Baxter . Heaven Bed (Tufted) , Memory High Night Table
Astier de Villatte .
Beautiful French Dishes made with Black Clay Body and a Crisp White Glaze. So incredibly thin but strong and Dishwasher safe!
Pulpo . Smoked Glass Lamps
Ochre . Celestial Pebble Wall Sconce
Verellen . Gregory Modular Sectional (shown in two depths 44??? and 50???Deep)

Astier de Villatte

We would like to share with you a very special French company that we found while wandering the streets of Paris. We stumbled upon one of their tiny stores during a late night stroll on the left bank in search of a café for dinner. It was closed, but we peered through the windows at their delicate ceramic pieces, smoky incense, beautiful stationary and classically French sensibility. We knew then, we MUST bring this fabulous collection back with us to our furniture and accessory store in Bozeman, Montana. The following day we stumbled upon their showroom on the right bank and much to our delight they were open and quite bustling! We squeezed ourselves into the tiny showroom among the ever so chic Parisian shoppers and oohed and ahhed over the feather light ceramics, the heavenly scents of candles burning, and the contagious energy of the store.



We rushed home and sent off for an account with Astier de Villatte. After a rigorous interview process, we were ecstatic to become the only interior design showroom and furniture store in Montana to represent the line. After a much anticipated four-month lead time, we finally received our first order of goods. Unpacking was like Christmas morning, plucking the pieces from the packages we delighted in the durability of the ceramic pieces, yet they’re surprisingly lightweight. The pieces are made from a black terracotta clay and then glazed to create a milky white finish. The end product, an impossibly gorgeous effect that is still suitable for everyday use. Their collection is inspired by 18th and 19th century designs. The designers have a nostalgia for history and “are inspired by things forgotten, things that aren’t very well considered.”


Notebooks & Pencils
Notebooks & Pencils

While the owners have done collaborations with select artisans from other disciplines, their company has continued to retained a somewhat mysterious veneer through time. This video gives some insight into their story, designs and touches on their collaborations. So go grab a cup of tea (hopefully from an Astier mug) and enjoy this little snippet from this amazing French company!

Candles & Cloches
Candles & Cloches

Come see these new accessories (candles, notebooks, coffee cups, vases, and pitchers) at Urbaine Home our interior design studio and lifestyle boutique – a high end accessory and furniture store in Bozeman, Montana.  We would love to meet you and sip tea together in an Astier cup by our warm fireplace. Hope to see you soon!


Danish Dreams…

We are proud to announce the arrival of new vendor, By Nord Copenhagen, into our Urbaine Home – a lifestyle boutique and high end furniture store. A beautifully designed Danish line of bedding and house hold accessories, By Nord offers a sweet refuge for sleeping, playing and living. The company is “inspired by the diversity of the raw yet beautiful Nordic nature, where the rough and gentle meet.” As interior designers, By Nord helps us create a beautiful space where we can image spending hours in bed, dreaming of the Nordic landscape and lifestyle. It’s no secret we admire all things Danish. They bring a true understanding of color, shapes and lines that is unmatched worldwide, our exact reasoning for bringing them to our furniture store here in Bozeman, Montana.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 3.25.42 PM

Just into the furniture and accessory store is this adorable Wolf Tipi, complete with a window for peeking out and daydreaming. Interior Designer Tip: we suggest layering it full of sheepskin hides and By Nord pillows. A plush landing spot for kids and adults alike!

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 3.27.17 PM

One of our other favorite pieces from By Nord are their duvet covers. Animals in grey scale contrasted against white backgrounds offer a serene yet playful option for the bedroom. We imagine these in a bunk room with super fluffy inserts, grey sheets with a glass By Nord carafe bedside.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 3.26.32 PM

Also worth noting, are their bath towels. Amazingly soft and plush, these towels feature the same animal portraits as the duvet covers. Wrapped in fuzzy luxury one can imagine stepping out of the bath, looking out over the frosty landscape and sipping a warm cup of tea.

Come visit us at our furniture and accessory store here in Bozeman, Montana and see the pieces for yourself. Let us know how you imagine infusing By Nord into your life. We love seeing photos and hearing stories of how customers live with their finds from Urbaine.

Thanks to a bunch of BS, we’re online…


Today marks the much anticipated launch of our new website! We have been working diligently with the talented ladies at Total BS Media to create a custom website that we hope expresses who we are, what we do, and what we love in the world. We invite you to browse, admire and reach out to us with any questions or suggestions.

Our amazing website designers, Total BS Media, were so very patient with us as we analyzed, designed, re-designed, changed, designed again and finally settled upon a layout and look for our site. We are so thankful for their expertise, patience and enthusiasm for the Urbaine brand. As those of us in creative fields know, we are the worst when it comes to designing things for ourselves! So a huge shout out and THANK YOU, to the BS ladies. Thanks for putting up with our b.s. and creating a beautiful website for us.

Now, as for the things you will find on our beautiful new site, the most exciting feature is the ‘snag on the spot’ section will be updated frequently as new product arrives in our furniture store. You will be able to purchase items directly from this section and have them shipped to you anywhere in the country from our store here in Bozeman, MT. We will also (fingers crossed) be doing weekly blog posts, featuring new products, new interior design ideas or just pretty photos from our travels. The video on our homepage, shot by a very talented local videographer, highlights some of the favorite things we have in our furniture store and interior design studio. The ‘explore the store’ section shows vignettes within the showroom, so in case you can’t visit our brick and mortar location in Bozeman, you can at least get a sense of the style and aesthetic we feature here in our interior design studio and showroom.

If you are in Bozeman, we invite you to come visit us anytime, we are now here every day (Monday through Saturday) sitting by the fire, curling our toes in the sheepskin rug, smelling the French candles and loving every minute of it! Come play with us, design with us or just sit and enjoy the view. We hope you find something you love and find yourself leaving with a little inspiration for your own home.

We hope to see you soon!

Skye & Rain

Rustic-chic Furnishings from Montana’s Hottest Design Duo


Urbaine Home, a new lifestyle boutique in Bozeman, Montana, features home furnishings and accessories curated by owners Rain Houser and Skye Anderson. “It’s a collection,” Anderson says. “It’s Bohemian and eclectic, European and sophisticated, yet rustic too.”

The duo, interior designers for Pearson Design Group, created the boutique to help support their design clients and expose the community to their signature style. “It’s a creative outlet for us,” Anderson says. “A place to collect and display pieces we love.”

Here, Houser and Anderson share five of their favorite furnishings and accessories that are on the showroom floor now.


“This chair was designed by Laura Kirar for McGuire Furniture, and it features handwoven leather fringe. It’s a nod to Western style, but a little eccentric, too, and it makes any room just light up.”


“We sourced this coffee table’s live-edge slab of wood, then threw on some beautiful, really thick Lucite legs.”


“Utah artist Owen Morrison sources these bison skulls from Montana, then paints the skull or horns gold, silver or copper, for a modern take on Western style. One is striking, but they’re really powerful in groupings.” See an example in our 2014 Home of the Year.


“This Chesterfield sofa is one of the vintage pieces we brought in from Europe. You can just imagine the cigars that were smoked on it. You can see every scratch mark and every sit that’s ever happened in it, but it’s all the more beautiful because of it.”


“We ran across these cloaks by New York City-based designer Lindsey Thornburg a couple of years ago, and we just absolutely fell in love with them. Each season she offers a new collection featuring the latest Pendleton patterns. They’re so heavy and you just feel kind of enveloped in them. They’re incredible.”